Why cooling is critical for motorsport racing

Chillout Systems is the newest cooling system on the market. They have assessed every cause of driver dehydration and are experts on how to prevent it. The Quantum Cooler, Chillout’s first SFI driver cooling system offers racing teams a lightweight, zero maintenance cooling system that will resolve the extreme dehydration problems that drivers face during a race.

The impact of racing in extreme heat is as psychologically challenging as it is physically challenging.

In mid-summer in Daytona, Florida, while the ambient temperature measures around 91º F, the inside of a stock car with deleted a/c is 131º F. If a driver is competing in any competition racing, he’s wearing a full double-layer Nomex racing suit, thick driving gloves, kangaroo leather shoes, a sweaty balaclava and a helmet. In short – he’s hot – and according to an interview on www.accuweather.com, dangerously so.

“During a race, I lose 5 to 7 pounds about every weekend [from sweating].” Admits NASCAR driver David Ragan. In that same interview featuring Jimmy Johnson, Johnson recalls the time he was racing in Richmond for the Federated Auto Parts 400 when he was forced to pit a few hours after his helmet forced-air system stopped working. He pulled into the pits, climbed out of his car, and laid on the ground, while experiencing excruciating cramps. By the end of the day, he was found in the Richmond Urgent Care Center where he received 5 liters of IV hydration.

Despite the dangers of racing in the heat, the race must go on. You’ll read many interviews where drivers and athletes claim the body acclimates itself to extreme conditions over time. But “acclimated” isn’t necessarily a synonym for “unaffected” and just because you can withstand discomfort doesn’t mean it’s always good for you. The strain from extreme temperatures affects a driver’s cognizance as much as their physical ability to perform. When you’re behind the wheel of a 2,500 lb. stock car edging 200 mph or pushing 10/10 in your track build, you need your mental focus to be as sharp as possible, not only for your own safety and the safety of those around you, but to perform your best and shave a few seconds off your lap times.

Professional drivers are often recommended to hydrate well during the days leading up to a big race and during the race they typically have hydration systems. While yes, you do need to hydrate yourself well before participating in any sports – truth be told, in this circumstance, hydration isn’t a solution – it’s a bandaid on the real issue: losing water due to excessive sweating.

Performance is Key

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HMS Motorsport started life as a New England regional center for performance tuning of Mustangs and BMW’s, and has since grown to become the industry’s leading Safety Equipment supplier to Professional, Amateur, and beginning drivers. We sell only the finest equipment that will fit the end user’s needs, and pride ourselves on firsthand experience with the products we sell.

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