Ergonomic, light weight, and form-fitted garment that provides extremely efficient heat extraction from the human body without hampering full freedom of movement, breathability, and dexterity.


Ability to be cooled using phase change materials (PCM), compressed air (vortex cooler) or water (cool pack, vapor compression) to provide cooling from 50W to 300W as required by the specific use case.


Engineered in conjunction with the body's physiological responses to temperature. Remains above aggressive cooling temperatures (<75°F) that can trigger vasoconstriction and inhibit the body’s heat loss.

Industry-Leading Performance

Oceanit's advanced cooling garment delivers TWICE the body heat extraction of market-leading cooling garments through through nano-material polymers with superior thermal conductivity, improved coolant circulation efficiency, and optimization of coolant temperatures/control to mitigate biological vasoconstriction.


Increased Heat Removal


Better Thermal Conductivity


Greater Efficiency


Comfortable Design

Oceanit's advanced cooling garment delivers industry-leading personal cooling through better materials, design, and vasoconstriction management.

Four Key Innovations

Oceanit’s Super Cool Vest was developed to be cooled using liquids, Phase Change Materials (PCM), thermocouples, compressed air, or even vapor compression. It is engineered to vastly outperform all other PCSs on the market today by using four key innovations.

  • Thermally-Conductive Material

    Oceanit’s novel tubing polymer is lightweight, flexible, durable, and offers up to 50% better thermal conductivity compared with PVC or Tygon.

  • Enhanced Performance

    Improved efficiency in coolant pump circulation speed and power reduces load on batteries/power source.

  • Effective Design

    Optimized spacing and placement of cooling tubes maximize heat extraction from the wearer’s body.

  • Built for the Body

    Management of biological vasoconstriction optimizes the heat transfer between the body and the tubing.

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